ProTech provides structural engineering services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects, no matter how big or small a project or job.

  • Residential:  Requires strict adherence to architects plans and are typically involved and complicated architecturally.  We work to cost effectively engineering the architecture with strict adherence to building safety code.
  • Commercial:  Typically big structures for businesses with a focus on architecturally meeting the safety and the needs for the particular business from an architecturally design perspective.
  • Industrial:  Fundamentally a box structure that require very cost effective structural engineering.

Our services not only include new projects but we also evaluate existing damage or potential problems with existing structures.  We have inspected more than 100 structures for clients (instead of insurance companies) for 1994 Northrige earthquake.

Our experience in construction process will help our clients to better understand their construction costs and will provide them alternative cost effective designs for different budgets if required.